Thursday, 8 October 2015

A little bit of change

The last few weeks have been how to win with binary options a period of change for me, both on here and in real life. Those of you who read this blog on a semi regular basis will know that I graduated this summer and so am no longer a student - making me blogging about surviving university seem a little bit obsolete,

There has been a few people that have asked me where my little corner of the internet is going to be heading so I'd been thinking what is best.

Thing have been somewhat busy for me recently with work and finding a new job which has meant that my posting here has been somewhat sporadic lately, but I've decided that I want to keep my place for ramblings - for my sanity, more than anything else.

And so, I present to you '#Gingersnapblog, Surviving life one week at a time'. because we all know that life is a journey!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Peanut Butter Oreo Martini

 This is my entry to the Foodies100 Wonderfilled recipe challenge sponsored by Oreo, marking the launch of two new flavours; peanut butter and golden. The delicious new flavours are available in all major supermarkets at an RRP of £1.08. To find out more, visit people at Oreo sent me all the Oreos for this post - both the ones that I used and the ones that I ate in the process! 

I was challenged to use these wonderful new flavours and my imagination to create something spectacular. Those of you who often read my rambling will know that I write about students and that students know how to drink. So it seemed logical that this is where my creation started. 

And so I present to you... Peanut Butter Oreo Martini. (Think Espresso Martini, but not...)

All that you need: 
- Half a cocktail shaker of Ice
- 2 shots of Vodka
- 1 shot of Baileys
- 3 Crushed Peanut Butter Oreos
- Garnish

All that you need to do: 
- Add all the of alcohol to the cocktail shaker. 
- Add ice, seal and shake like your life depends on it. 
- Add the crushed Oreos. Shake it again. 
- Strain and Serve with a garnish, think cream, an oreo, or even crushed oreo on top. 
- Ta-da! 

His & Her's Oreo Martini - With opposing views on how to
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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How to get your notes organised!

My filing of univeristy notes in the beginning...
It could not have been more of a muddled mess.
Certainly made revision hard!!
Aside from drinking and making the somewhat small student loan last as long as they can, the one other things that is a staple to student life is making notes.

And when making these notes and trying to get through university it's kind of important to get organised because there is nothing worse than trying to revise at the end of the year and being unable to find the one set of notes for the one thing you don't understand...

So today I'm sharing the 4 things I did to make sure I didn't fall into the same trap year on year.

1&2. Put your notes in order and in their own folder - When you start taking notes, place them in a folder in order. I found that the order in which you get taught is the best order to put the notes in, so that when you go to revise, you start with the easier themes and ideas and then build on them, much like you would have done when you were taught.  Put each subject separately in different folders so that you don't get everything muddled! (I bought mine from Wilko's, who are perfect for the limited student budget!)

3. Make sure you don't miss notes - Missing notes from missing lectures is not great when it comes to revision. Avoid missing lectures at all costs, and if you do, make sure you catch up on the notes. Don't leave gaps in your notes and your knowledge.

4. Back up your notes - If you are like me and have this tendency to misplace important pieces of paper such as notes or bills, I have found that the best thing for me to do is to type up my notes, either on my Ipad during lectures, or on the laptop after and then saving them in order so that I always have a copy, even if I manage to lose the actual paper copy.

What do you think? How to you keep on top of the notes at university?

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Paying Kindness Forward.

To the Gentleman who decided today was the day to pay kindness

Firstly, I can't say thank you for your kindness. It wasn't just the tip alone but the tip was a big enough gesture - for the tip to be bigger than what you paid for your table is silly, but I'm grateful. Not just for the money but for what the tip meant.

That tip alone was someone acknowledging how difficult it can be to wait on tables for a living, which most people believe isn't really that hard work (it really really can be!)

I guess ultimately it isn't about the money, it was more about reminding me that there is good and kindness in the world even when things seem seriously hard and bleak. When you are stuck at work surrounded by the most miserable of people that's how it seems. There should be more compliments, more spreading positivity and making sure that as many people who can, can see the world in its more sunny way.

I promise that at some point, when I'm in the position to do so, I will pass the kindness forward, be it tipping in a a restaurant, buying coffee for the person in the line behind me and genuinely filling the world with more smiles and sunshine.


The super-tired, mostly miserable waitress.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Organising Life Away from home

I know for many people, one of the hardest things when leaving home is that they got home sick, really bad. I think being homesick would have been my biggest issue but seeing as I was home every weekend for work, one of the hardest things to hit me when I moved to university was how much I needed to get my life organised so that things were easy for me. There is nothing worse than getting in the shower then finding out you have run out of shampoo (which is something that would never happen at home!) So today I'm sharing my 5 tips for being organised and making the time at university a whole lot more of a walk in the park.

1. Plan ahead - As soon as you know big events in the year jot them down and keep them somewhere you can see it! I used a wall planner with all of my deadlines so that I could work out when needed to be started and didn't land up cramming coursework in the night before...

My Wilko Thing to Buy list and The Week Ahead List
that take pride of place of my fridge. Both bargain prices,
especially considering how much easier it is with lists!
2. Make Lists - University has helped me become a chronic list maker. I have lists of things that I need to do, lists of things that I need to buy and lists that tell me what I need to do when. All these lists are ever growing, and although generally I can prioritise, I'll admit that occasionally the lists just become a jumble of paper and take forever to get sorted. Having said that I'm getting better at not letting them all become a jumble and actually getting myself sorted. My foodshop is a list of things I jot down as I run out which makes things 10 times easier.

3. Break it down - Alongside my love of lists, I break my semesters down to weeks so that I have a grasp on how busy certain weeks are as well as giving me the chance to plan extra seminars and nights out without everything else falling apart.

4. Keep your notes in check - I hate note taking, which is unfortunate seeing that when going to university means that you need the notes for when it comes to revising with the exam. I recommend taking notes and then putting them somewhere safe. (Post about organising notes to follow!)

5. Keep track of the past - Organisation isn't just about the future. Keep track of the past as well. Any days off sick, take a note of them. There are times that you may need that information to hand, especially when lecturers ask because you need extra help towards exams.

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Sangria Royale

I'm not a big red wine drinker which has the potential to make traditional spanish Sangria somewhat difficult for me to drink. So when I was introduced to Sangria Royale, my mind was blown... And seeing as it features bubbles heavily I knew it was right up my street.

All that you need for a litre and a half is:
- A couple of teaspoons of brown sugar
- 1 Shot of Brandy
- 1 Shot of Vanilla Liqueur (We used a liqueur called '43', made with 43 different spices, although this step is completely optional)
- 1 Shot of Cointreau
- A Fruit Salad
- A Bottle of Cava
- Lemonade

All that you need to do:
- In a jug, place the sugar.
- Add brandy, vanilla liqueur, cointreau and fruit salad.
- Swirl and leave for 10 minutes to allow fruit to absorb liquid.
- Pour in a bottle of Cava
- Fill to top of the jug with lemonade.
- Serve!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to make your room at university feel like home.

My current bed with my Wilko Duvet (£16) and
Wilko Wicker Heart Fairy Lights (£7)
Now that the university places have been allocated, it seems right that we all begin to think about what it is that actually needs to be taken with you to help you settle in, and what you should take to make the place feel like home...

When I first got the key to my student accomodation I was slightly horrified to see exactly what it was I was paying for. It was in essence a tiny room with breeze block walls that really didn't feel anything like home... The bed wasn't even a full size single!!

I'd like to think that by the end of the year, the concrete coffin had become more of a home and reflected my personality a whole lot more - even if it was always a mess...

Today I'm sharing my top three tips as to how to make your student room yours without spending all of your loan, even if it looks like there is no was it's ever going to be like home...

1. Focus on the bed - The bed may well be the biggest feature in your room. I mean lets be honest, I'm guessing it will be one of/if not the biggest piece of furniture that you own. The best way to start changing your room is to find a duvet, and throw and pillows that draws attention to it taking away people attention to the slightly worse part of the room, like the horrible colour walls or curtains. I go for three or four cheap Wilko's duvets which mean I can chop and change regularly. (And when you have three or four, theres no need to get it washed and dried!)

2. Accessorise the room - Be it fairy lights, lamps or photos on the wall, everyone had a set idea of what their dream house feels like and which ideas they should take from home so that they don't feel like they are mile away. I found lots of photos were a popular idea as well. Invest in white tack, and trawl the homeware sections of big shops!

3. Keep it clean - I feel like my mother with this step but I have found that when a room is small, mess looks more than it is. I know that I never quite managed to keep my room perfectly clean, but I tried. Mostly.

What do you think? How else would you make your room like home?

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